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I love coming up with new children's TV series. Here are a few of my shows that have managed to make it beyond simply being exciting ideas in my head...

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                 was quick to become one of the most popular series on Nick Jr. UK and the appeal of this furry thing continues to grow. Writing every episode gave me the chance to develop the characters in an organic and subtle way and make the stories very personal. There is a lot of my own childhood reflected in there as well as that of my own children. The show was brought to life with the help of great teams at King Rollo Films and eOne.

Curly Hare

Sitcom, slaptick and satire all stuffed into a big comedy sandwich to feed the next generation of animal lovers. This show for older kids was  developed with the talented people at JAM Media in Dublin.

After working together on his show, The Cramp Twins, Brian Wood and I created  this show about a family with more boys with more energy than one mother can  manage. Cartoon Network UK took it to pilot. And who knows, but those boys may still have life in them yet.

The Vaughan Boys

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The Caribou Kitchen

This was both the first show I created and my first move from comics into animation. Commissioned by World Productions it ran to four seasons on ITV, and I wrote all 52 episodes. The animation was extremely simple and I soon realised that if I wanted the show to work, I needed to make sure that there was plenty of snappy dialogue to sustain the pace and comedy.


The Vaughan Boys The Caribou Kitchen

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