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I have worked as a headwriter and a contributing scriptwriter on many shows over the years. I love working on development, getting inside new characters and discovering a world with its own kind of storytelling. Here are a few of the series I've had a lot of involvement in.

The Cramp Twins

Thomas And Friends

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers


ThomasThe Tank Engine

I have a long history with Thomas as I adapted the original series into comics for Marvel and then went on to write new stories, a number of which were then made into episodes for television. I am currently the headwriter on Thomas and  it's still the best trainset ever!

The Adrenalni Brothers The Cramps Twins

I loved writing on this show created by Brian Wood. It was a huge hit both on the BBC and Cartoon Network. It was the first time I had responsibility for a team of  writers. But most of all I loved  being able to write stories about things like Lucien safety testing dog biscuits on Wayne, or Wayne trying to join a biker gang or tiny Tony having to admit the only shoes in his size were doll's shoes.

This was a very challenging series to work on. First of all I had to learn a whole new language: Rendoosian, and then I had to learn how to do a whole load of death defying stunts in order to accurately represent them in my scripts. Actually writing so much physical comedy was a big change and required a different level of visual thinking. Pesky were great to work with and so were Studio B. And I've discovered a love for rotating blades and hoops of fire. Yahzaa!


On Maisy I wasn't so much the headwriter as the only writer. It was wonderful to explore the characters created by Lucy Cousins. She didn't really want to write the stories for the show, but her illustrations had so many curious details that were waiting to become stories. Like the picture in her ABC book of a zebra with a yo-yo. I thought, 'I have to make a story out of that!' It was a gift.




Punky, was voiced by Aimée Richardson, who has Down Syndrome herself, and the show has been nominated for two IFTA awards.

I feel very lucky that I was offered the chance to write Punky, an animated pre-school sitcom made by Monster Animation for RTE, where the main character  has Down Syndrome. I had to do a lot of research  before I felt confident that I could do it. The main character,

Coming soon from Stor Fisk in Barcelona! A big part of what makes this show feel special to me is the beautiful design by Veronica Lassensius. I brought in Jo Clegg to share the scripting with me and I am very excited by the animation I have seen so far.


Andrew Brenner

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